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How to store lipo batteries


Lipo batteries are more secure than ordinary Lithium-ion batteries, general normal use will not cause electrolyte leakage and heat, combustion and explosion etc. But there is still a potential safety hazard in extreme or vandalism. In order to avoid the above situation, The matters needing attention in the use and storage of lipo batteries:

The use

1, Moisture, can not be the battery on the water

2, Fire protection. No batteries are placed at the heat source. These are heat sources, heaters, microwave ovens, high pressure vessels, etc.

3, No heat, at high temperatures (such as light, high temperature of the car) or placed in long-term use.

4, Prohibit private security, remove the battery for damage to the phenomenon of the prohibition of the use of battery.

5, Short circuit proof, such as direct welding battery, battery / battery pack to assemble their own behavior should be prohibited.

How to store lipo batteries:

1, Charging status: same as common lithium ion battery,40-60% is best and the voltage is kept at 3.6-3.9V.

2, environmental temperature                             

(1)       Short term storagethree months: storage temperature-20—35relative humidity 45-85%

(2)       long-term storage>three months),storage temperature 20±5relative humidity 65±20%RH

The transport:

The lipo battery should be transported in the charged state of  30%-50%


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