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Lithium polymer battery everything you need to know about the product

As the technology is advancing we are introducing better gadgets and devices that can make our lives easier. we always want the best for ourselves. However, while selecting the best a common thing that we often forget is the quality of battery utilized on our gadgets that we have planning to use.

We should know that the entire life of the gadgets depends on a single battery. If you will select the low-quality battery it will damage the functionality and longevity of the device. There is a huge variety of batteries available in the market and most of the people are often confused that which one of them will be the best.

Lithium polymer battery has been recently introduced in the market and they have readily grabbed the attention of the users. It is comparatively safe as compared to the other types batteries available in the market. Another attraction of the battery is that it is safe for the environment as well. Lithium polymer battery is a high-performance battery that can be used in different products including blue tooth earphone,digital camera,GPS,E-book,portable medical device,light and etc.

What is Lithium polymer battery?

Most of the people have the misconception regarding the word polymer and lithium-based batteries. They think that polymer is the word used to describe plastic and all the lithium batteries are polymer based. However, the polymer is a word that can be used for different items like biopolymers, synthetic polymers and it is used in the manufacturing of many biological structures.


The major difference between the Lithium polymer battery and other batteries is because of the type electrode that is used in the device. It has been based on the traditional polymer-based battery design. There is a dry polymer used as the electrode in the battery and an insulator will cause exchange of ions within the system. there is no porous separator soaked with the electrolyte.


The conductivity of the polymers in the battery is poor at the low and high temperature and so the battery has to be heated up to 0-30 degrees Celsius. In order to enable the flow of current, you have to assure that the proper temperature is maintained.Now you know why your Iphone is easy to shut down in winter?NBCELL battery Co.,ltd introduced a low-temperature lithium polymer battery,The biggest attraction of the product is that it can work well at -20 degrees Celsius(Under zero) temperature and shape will not happen any change. It is not like the older versions of the battery that used to take more time to heat up and provide energy.

In order to assure that the Lithium polymer battery will produce electricity at the low and high temperate specially prepared gel electrodes have been used. There are porous separators in the battery that will allow you to properly conduct the electricity. The biggest benefit of this system is that it will easily retain the heat and will not let the production of energy stop. This is the reason that Lithium polymer battery is now available in small are large sizes so that you can easily use it with your gadgets and devices.

Lithium polymer battery vs Lithium-ion battery

There are many individuals that are confused when they have to deal with the difference between the Lithium polymer battery and the lithium-ion battery. Most of the people think that they are the same thing however, there is a variety of differences that you will find in both.

If you will consider the structure of both batteries they are same because there are same electrodes and electrolyte.

The difference lies in the working capabilities of both items, the energy they produce and for how long they will serve the purpose.

The Lithium polymer battery has higher convention energy and their design is thinner that makes them easier to adjust

Li-polymer battery requires less production cost and that is why they are affordable

There are special type of pouch cells present in the battery that helps users o differentiate them from the rest

The cells of the Lithium polymer battery comes in a special foil that gives it the appearance of the food packages.

There is no need for the compression and you will not have to store the Li-Polymer batteries in strong cases

The 20% weight of the battery is reduced by the foil type covering due to which it is easier to store.

With the help of the thin technology, the specialist is now able to fit the polymer-based battery into the smartphones for better performance.

Lithium polymer battery is preferred by everyone because it is affordable, durable and long-lasting and easy to manage.

Charging and discharging of Lithium polymer battery

The charging and discharging process of the Lithium polymer battery is very simple. You have to assure that you utilize a dedicated charger for the purpose so that you will not damage the electrodes and the circuits. Do not make the mistake of using the incompatible chargers because they can cause many major issues and safety risks. Sometimes if you have overcharged the battery there are chances that it would lead to some gas accumulation in the pouches that will cause the battery to swell. In this situation, you should avoid using the battery and expel it before it can cause any kind of harm to your system. Never charge the swollen, puffy or damaged battery.

Interesting facts you should know about

Most of the people are interesting in buying the Lithium polymer battery. However, here we have some quick facts you should know so that you can invest in the reliable product.

Only used once trick

Do not buy the used Lithium polymer battery. You never recognize what the past user did with them and they could as of now be seriously harmed. Advertisements like Lithium polymer battery only Used Once is generally a trick and you should stay away from such items.


Invest in a reliable Lithium-polymer battery charger while charging your battery. It is critical that all cells in a battery keep up a similar voltage over all electrodes consistently. In the event that the voltages over the cells vary from each other, the battery can end up being dangerous.

Flame resistance

Buy a flame resistant sack, or other flame resistant products when you are charging, releasing, or putting away your batteries. While fires are uncommon, they can happen rapidly and can do a considerable measure of harm. All it takes is a short circuit and the fire will start. There is no real way to foresee when it will happen. It tends to happen all the more frequently when batteries are completely charged, or while being released, however, it can happen to any Lithium polymer battery. Never completely fill the holder with your batteries, dependably follow the instructions on packs for what number of mAh's it should be charged at.

Try not to utilize your flight case/travel case for Lithium polymer battery stockpiling. The plastic in these cases can help spread a Lithium polymer battery fire. Utilize a flame resistant holder, for example, a metal ammunition box.

Never leave your Lithium polymer battery batteries charging while unattended. On the off chance that a battery begins to end up noticeably producing smoke, gets puffy, or bursts into flames you should have the power to instantly deal with the circumstance. Leaving for even only 5 minutes can cause severe harm.

Security is important

Never cheat a Lithium polymer battery. Ordinarily, a full charge is 4.2v for every cell. Never charge a Lithium polymer battery with fast charger. Do not discharge a Lithium polymer battery beneath 3.0v for every cell. In a perfect world, you never need to go beneath 3.2v for each cell to keep up a solid battery. 2.9v for each cell and lower is causing lasting harm.

Never leave your Lithium polymer battery batteries lounging around on a full charge for more than 2 to 3 days. On the off chance that by the third day you understand you are not going to utilize your battery today, you have to keep your battery down to 3.6 to 3.8v for each cell for safe stockpiling until the point when you are prepared to utilize the battery once more.

Continuously store your Lithium polymer battery batteries at room temperature. Try not to store them in a hot carport, or in a chilly fridge. Despite the fact that an icy battery has less concoction response occurring which can drag out its life expectancy, take a battery out from an icy ice chest can make buildup happen within the battery, which can be extremely hazardous.

Keep in mind forget that warmth is the main foe of Lithium polymer battery batteries. The more sultry your batteries get, the shorter their life expectancy will be. Never charge a battery that is still warm in use, and never utilize a battery that is still warm from charging.

Most Lithium polymer battery batteries regularly don't last longer than 300 charge cycles. Abandoning them around on a full or drained charge constantly, running them totally dead, or presenting them to high temperatures will abbreviate this life expectancy significantly.

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