Seven important precautions for lithium polymer battery’s production

 Seven important precautions for lithium polymer battery’s production

Lithium polymer batteries are one of the most common new energy batteries,but when making a polymer battery,the following methods are not correct,and people who contact the cell can not do like this:


The polymer cell surface of the aluminum plastic film can not be malicious damage,can not be done with scissors:


If on the production line,the operator can not take the iron hot cell’s surface.


Can not deliberately break the ear,especially positive ear,the mechanical strength of the ear is not very high,easy to be broken.


 Can not deliberately break the top of the lithium polymer cell,beacause the top edge is vulnerable to damage resulting in delamination,it is forbidden to bend the top edge.


Can not intentionally break the battery side edge of the hem,the side sealing edge has been folded and fixed durning the core forming process and passed the sealing test.


Can not fold pressure lithium polymer battery’s edges and corners,corner is also weak one,particularly easy to leak liquid.


Can not bend the battery’s surface,it is likely to cause internal short-circuit.


Can not contact the metal with the positive and negative ear of the battery,if the cell short circuit,it will cause serious damage to the cell,and even lead to a safety accident.


ZNbest’s staff must know above seven points,they are one of the most important details.Attention to detail can improve the rate of good quality,but also reduce safety accidents.

Focus on high quality lithium polymer battery-ZNbest.


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